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a full software solution

Airborne Video Processing

from air to ground.

On-board AI

Target detection & tracking and much more…

Your video on the map

Optimized georeferenced video NATO STANAG 4609 compliant

Smart video ground station

Advanced algorithms. User-friendly operationnal software

On-board Segment

Embedded real time video processing algorithms (video stabilization, detection, tracking, …) optimized for low Size Weight and Power (SWaP) SOCs including GPU for AI / Deep Neural Network inference and beyond state-of-the-art solutions used by French Special Ops, Altaïr is the result of an on-going 10 years R&D effort.

Communication CODEC

Vega provides a set of tools for information-rich video encoding and decoding including semantics and geographic metadata (NATO/STANAG4609 compliant) and high-performance compression / decompression hardware-accelerated for on-board processors.

Ground Segment

Featuring advanced video processing functions such as real-time ortho-mosaïc production, 3D reconstruction or change detection in a highly-flexible framework enabling fast prototyping of user-friendly Graphical User Interfaces, Deneb also provides a catalog solution indexing rich geospatial video metadata and a continuous learning platform for online fine-tuning of Deep Neural Network based AI solutions.

What we offer

Algorithms stand-alone libraries


Integration of our software in your system


Design and development of a full system



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