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Versatile ground segment

Advanced processing functions and UI components for video ground stations


Little Fox – 4609 Video Player


Based on our CODEC components and supporting the STANAG 4609 metadata standard, this viewer will allow visualisation of both video and metadata. Metadata can be displayed as a super-impression on the video or in a side panel.

Ortho video viewer


Our ground station offers a cartographic visualisation of video streams on a 3D virtual globe. Super-imposed with a cartographic layer or on satelite imagery, the video can be easily interpreted based on the geographical context. A subset of the video frames is ortho-projected on a reference DTM and displayed over a classical satellite or map background.

Advanced processing

Geo-augmented video


This feature exploits the video geo-metadata following NATO Standard STANAG4609 and displays vector objects (SHP or others) on the video. This function enables fast identification of cartographic data as well as the display of mission related key points or interest areas.